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In the world, there various homes, all of them with assorted aspects, advantages and disadvantages, meaning that it can be difficult to find a place that is right for you. You will want an abode that has enough room, the facilities you need, luxury extras, be near the places you frequent and close to the people you know. We also each have distinct desires that can make things more difficult. You may want a home of a certain style, which has a garden, basement, attic or garage. You might wish to have additional rooms for storage, a library, office or nursery, and some requirements may be essential such as having rooms on a certain floor or being near to a specific location. A relocation should be a fun time in which you scour all over for place you can live your life, so you shouldn’t be worried about all the work involved. From planning, packing and heavy lifting, to driving your goods everywhere, finding storage depots and more, it can become very difficult and time consuming so if you want to focus on the important things then contact Van Man on 020 8746 4399.


We are a removal firm who can assist you with all the chores a home or business transition can bring and can begin immediately. Just over the phone, we can make things easier by telling you all about the process so that you will know what you have to do and how to go about it. We can answer any of your questions, give you advice and tell you about all of our services. We can do everything, including sorting your goods, packing them securely, carefully removing you furniture from the building and placing it into your new abode, transporting things to where they are needed, as well as offering storage facilities, man and vans services and support with moves abroad.

Yorkshire is unlike any other place in the UK. It is a historic county and the largest such region in the country. It is seen not only as geographical location but as a cultural spot as well. It is a very green place with numerous parks, forest and vast countryside, which has led to the area being dubbed “God’s Own County.” It has a very long and diverse history that dates back to the time of Celtic tribes. It played a large part during the Roman Occupation, where it was the home of the main Roman forces. It continued to be an important place during the Norman Conquests and many battles in the War of the Roses took part here.

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Today, Yorkshire is known for its scenic views and places to walk and relax. Many rivers run through here and various wildlife can be discovered. The City of Leeds is the county’s main city and is a major financial centre. Various major companies are based in the region such as Morrisons, Asda, Yorkshire Bank, Halifax, M&S, Tetley’s Brewery, among others.

The culture of the county has always been important. From the local dialect, traditions such as dances and songs. Various castles and examples of fine architecture exist here. Writers such as the Bronte Sisters, Bram Stoker and W.H. Auden, various art galleries, successful sport clubs and teams, trademark cuisine such as Yorkshire pudding, various beers, famous musicians, and popular TV shows have all contributed to the personality and culture of Yorkshire.

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