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Out there is a home that’s perfect for you. It will have enough space and the rooms you desire, maybe even additional ones such as storage spot or an office. It will be comfortable, quaint, elegant, fancy, modern, extravagant, chic, simple or whatever you desire it to be. It may have a garage, a garden, an attic or basement. It will be in the vicinity of banks, shops, your workplace, transport stations, your family, friends, and whatever else you need. It can be tough to imagine that such a place can exist but you will only find it if you look for it. Your current abode may no longer be suitable or you wish for a change. Transferring your life from one spot to another can be a difficult chore but it can pay off with a refreshed existence and new opportunities. Handling all the work can be tough, from packing and heavy lifting to planning and booking, it can all be too much for some people to manage. You will need the strength, know-how, time and resources and if you lack any of these then you should contact Van Man on 020 8746 4399 today.


We are a removal firm that works in Northern Ireland and will be able to help you in all parts of the process. We have operators standing by who can discuss everything with you and be able to tell you more about what has to be done, how to go about it and what you will, need. Tell us about your move and we can tailor our support to you directly and answer your questions with the information you need. We can list all of our services this time and suggest those we think would be most beneficial. Despite this, you can select what you want us to do for you and our quotes that require no payment or obligation, will show you our excellent prices.

We hire many skilled people, all of whom will be willing to assist you. They can start by handling your packing, in which they will carefully wrap all your belongings and then place them into suitable containers. They will safely guide all boxes and furniture in and out of both your addresses and load them on and off vehicles with equal precaution. We will drive things to where they are needed including our stooge facilities. You shouldn’t worry if you are moving abroad because we will do everything you need to ship you goods internationally and complete paperwork. If your relocation is small one, then our Man and Van service will be ideal.

Removals to Northern Ireland

If you are moving into Northern Ireland for the first time then you should learn a bit about it. It is in the North East of Ireland and a part of the UK. Its population stands at round 1,810,600 and mostly self-governs itself despite the UK’s presence. The area is composed of six counties; County Armagh, County Antrim, County Down, County Londonderry, County Fermanagh and County Tyrone. It is a diverse place thanks to its split-in culture between Ireland, the UK and itself. It is an industrial region with increased production since the 1990s, mainly ships and textiles. Tourism is another big earner thanks to many festivals, its artistic tradition and the countryside and the technology business is on the rise. It takes part in most major sport events and the country is very successful in Golf.

Therefore, if you think that perfect home for you is in Northern Ireland then contact Van Man now.
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