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Over the course of your life, you will own many things. Some will stay with you for years while others are temporary. They may be practical devices or may not have an application at but are cherished items that mean lot to you. A home can be full of such things while an office takes a more functional approach, being made up of chairs, desks, tables, cupboards, cabinets and so on, with files and computers making up the rest. All this is important to you and so you can’t imagine life without it. When moving to a new abode getting hundreds of objects, big and small, from one location to another can be a difficult, time consuming and stressful task. You can’t risk rushing doing any of this because it could lead to you losing or damaging things, and combined with the other tasks you must complete it can become stressful and time consuming. If you call this number 020 8746 4399, you will find yourself speaking with us at Van Man. We are an expert company dedicated to assisting people when they are moving from one address to another and can provide everything you need for your North London transition.


The first step is to contact us because this will allow us to learn about your move, specifically where you are going, when you have to have it completed by and how many things will have to be transported. Knowing this enables us to provide you with the information, advice and guidance you truly need as well as recommend the services you will require. Cost won’t be an issue if you elect to hire us because we can supply you with a quote that costs nothing and requires no commitment.

Safety is key when packing your goods and it will be the focus of our staff when they arrive at your address. Everything they do will be to keep your goods protected and they will take all precautions when working to prevent any injuries. They will bring with them all they require to pack your goods so you don’t have to supply anything. Our staff begins by arranging your possessions and making a record to avert the risk of things being lost. They will enfold each one to keep them safe and clean and place them into appropriate boxes. Our team will be able to remove and insert furniture and similar goods in and out of your new and old addresses, putting the safety of your things and the people involved at the forefront. They can all be transported in our top range vehicles and stored at our secure depot.

Office Moves in North London

North London is one five sub regions that make up Greater London. It was created along with the new boundaries in 2004 and has been changed several times over the years. These days in consists of three Boroughs, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey and has a population over 925,000 people. Barnet boasts many libraries, numerous parks, many examples of public art and various transport links. Enfield’s history dates back to the Roman Occupation, but these days is known for its parks, universities and architecture. Haringey is known for the Highpoint buildings, Alexandra Palace, Bruce Castle manor, Jacksons Lane arts venue and many other art centres, as well as being the home of Tottenham Hotspur FC and several parks, eight of which have the Green Flag status.

Whether it’s important or practical, big or small, valuable or inexpensive, Van Man can promise to have them at your new address without any problem.
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