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Everywhere there is always something you have never done, never heard of or someone you haven’t met. The possibilities are endless and yet world can pass you by and you aren’t living to your full potential. Reinvigorating your existence and discovering new things doesn’t have to revolve around a journey across the globe but instead can be achieved jus by relocating to a new home. With a different residence, you can allow your surroundings to match your tastes and lifestyle, have more space, the important facilities you need, be close to the people you know and have easier access to the location you visit often. It will also put you in unfamiliar territory that can enable you to do new things. All of this can be idealist but getting to the end result is not easy. After saving up for a long time then spending even more to find place that is right for you, the removal process begins. This involves countless chores and tasks, such as planning, research, booking, buying, packing, sorting, lifting, carrying, driving and much more. It can be too much for some people to handle and diminish the fun that the abode will bring. If you want to keep things simple then all you have to do is count Van Man today. One phone call to us on 020 8746 4399 can ensure an enjoyable and trouble-free relocation.


Before you hear what we can do for you, you should learn about the North East of England. This is where we operate from and will be able to assist you in moving in, out or around the area. It is one of the nine regions that make up England and is responsible for Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne & Wear and Teesside. The three cities here are Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland, with several other large towns such as Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, and Darlington. The total population of the North East is 2,597,000 people. Large amounts of natural beauty can be found here in the form of parks, rivers and the coastline. Many castles can be found here, making it a significant historical spot.

North East England was once famous for coal and shipbuilding industries, though these have declined. These days art, culture and science have become more prevalent with several intuitions dedicated to each subject being erect in recent years. The landscape is diverse with maritime cliffs, moor land and woodland, which includes Keielder Forest, the largest manmade forest in Europe. Teesport is the second busiest port in the country, and other business based here include the Sage Group, Northern Rock, Greggs, Nestlé, Scottish & Newcastle Brewery, J. Barbour & Sons, and much more. The MetroCentre can be found here and is the largest shopping and leisure centre in the UK. Newcastle Airport and Durham Tees Valley Airport can be found in the area.

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With all this and more to look forward to, you will want to move here as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can provide all the assistance you could require over the phone, giving you advice, information and answers, giving you a greater understanding of the process. We can fill you in on all the services we offer such as packing, item removals, transportation, storage, Man and Van services and support with international moves. You have a free reign over what we do for you and our free, no obligation necessary quotes will ensure you get the best deal.

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