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Office removals in Hackney are quite different from house removals. Not only is there a gigantic amount of furniture and sensitive material to be packed and moved, there is a constant risk of affecting your productivity while you are shifting. The reason being that is that while you are undergoing the relocation process, your workforce may not be able to work in the regular way.

Apart from that, an office removal in the E5 region performed in haste and without any planning will actually land you in a soup. You should begin your planning at least a month beforehand. Do a thorough research and select the best removal service.

Following are some ways to make your office removals in London convenient and hassle free!

1. Check out your new address: Before moving into the new office in the E8 area there are these few things which you might need to double check to prevent any chaos and ensure that everything goes smoothly:
•    Make sure your new office isn’t still under construction or undergoing any renovation process. Shifting into a half-done office is no great idea.
•    Make sure lavatories are fully functional and are easily accessible all through your office.
•    Make sure Internet and phone connections are operating properly. Make sure there are no signal/ weak range issues.
•    Ensure the heating/cooling system works fine.
•    Ensure lights work properly. If any replacement is required, do the necessary.

2. Load or leave: Make a list of all the things you want to move into your new office in Hackney. Also, prepare a list of items which you think of leaving behind. It can be anything like old non-functional computers, old chairs or old files/papers. Make sure to shred all the unnecessary papers and dispose of all the other miscellaneous junk before the office removal.

3. Work out your floor plan: Visit your new office and create a floor plan for your future office. After creating the blueprint of your new office in E9, make note of certain things. Make sure your office space isn’t cramped even after the installation of workstations. Ensure there is enough space for opening drawers or for moving around. If you find any shortcoming, you can re-design your blueprint or consider customising the layout your office furniture according to the new office space. If you want, you can also forward the floor plan to your moving company.

4. Hold a meeting: Before moving out, hold a small meeting in your office and discuss in detail about your plan of moving with your employers. Things to be discussed in the meeting:
•    Ask them to empty their lockers/workstations.
•    Provide all your employees with a copy of the future office’s floor plan.
•    Explain them as to how various departments would settle in the new office.
•    Explain each one of them as to where their workstations would lay.
•    Inform them about the location of the new office.
•    How can they commute? Where are the parking lots?
This meeting would ensure that minimum time is wasted on day one in your new office in Hackney. Everybody would arrive on time and resume their work at a normal pace. They wouldn’t have to trouble themselves with exploring the new office when they are briefed about each and every aspect of it in advance.

5. Disassembling electronics/heavy furniture: Make sure that the electronic items (like computers etc.) and other heavy furniture are removed and disassembled by a specialist. It would be best if you let the hired removal company perform this task. Being experienced, the movers are skilled in working with live wires and moving furniture.

6. Confidential material: Oversee the packaging of your confidential material yourself. You shouldn’t delegate this task to anyone else. Even after arrival at the new office, make sure the confidential papers are safely stored in a locked cabinet/locker.

7. Update address: Make sure you send an update to all your business contacts about your office move. And also update your address in your respective legal papers. You wouldn’t want your mail being delivered at your previous office.

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