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When moving house preparation is key to a successful relocation to Brixton so plan in advance and start early. One of the major jobs is the packing. This job can be done by the professionals of a removal service at an additional cost, and yes it will be done quickly and competently. You have the option to purchase packing supplies too and they will be strong and durable boxes that will guarantee a safe delivery. Hiring a removal company is obviously the best decision especially if you have a lot of things to move, or you just don’t have the time. However, for most of us we will be sorting the boxing and packing ourselves so you need to have a reasonable idea on where to start.

One of the main concerns is making sure you get hold of good quality resources to place your precious possessions in for the removal to the SW9 region. You can buy them from a moving company or ask at local furniture shops and supermarkets in Brixton. Just make sure they are not damaged and in good condition. You will need to get hold of a lot of them as it is amazing how many you will need when it comes to the actual packing. Also you will need strong tape, marker pens, plastic sheets, labels and bubble wrap, which are all available at home ware and stationery shops.

Next what are you taking with you?

The big question, as the more you own the more there is to move and sometimes the more it costs! Why not use this time as an excuse to go through your personal belongings and get rid of unwanted, broken and useless things. You have a lot of choice to dispose of things you don’t want any more. Either list on online sites such as EBay this way you will retrieve some cash back, or be generous and donate to charity shops to help others less fortunate than you. There are plenty of recycling options for a lot of unwanted items such as glass, cardboard, paper, plastic and gardening things, so you can rest assured it will be used again.

Sort through one room at a time; start with the things you don’t use much, for instance out of season stuff. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes, and larger lighter things in bigger boxes. Cushion and protect well with newspaper and bubble wrap. Ensure everything is tightly snug in a box so it doesn’t move around when in transit. This is the main cause of how a precious ornament of glass objects gets broken. Label boxes clearly and invent a colour code to each room, for example green for the kitchen ware. So that when it comes to unpacking all of the kitchen boxes will be in the kitchen. Also keep a list of everything you pack on a list. Take special care with fragile ornaments and heirlooms and state fragile on the box and draw arrows if needed to be kept in a certain position.

As the move gets nearer make sure you have an emergency case packed with essential items you will need for a few days for instance toiletries, clothes towels and bedding. The first day or so can be upside down but if you have prepared in advance everything will soon be sorted. Moving to Brixton, SW2 and packing doesn’t need to be stressful if you take time to make a moving checklist it will help keep everything under control. Start early and keep clam then the packing and removal will go with the minimum of disorder.

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