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It is highly unusual to hear from someone who didn't have a hard, stressful time moving houses. Packing, unpacking and sorting through the precious bits and bobs you acquired over years. House relocation in Marylebone is something no one looks forward to and moving houses is tough! While house removals can never be 100% hassle free, keeping in mind few key points can certainly make it less troublesome.

Before you even begin to think about packing the things from your home in Marylebone, W1, have mind notes and a house moving checklist prepared to help you pick things that you need and leave behind the stuff that needs to be replaced or discarded. No sense to pay for transportation of things that you'll never use. If you are planning to pack your stuff yourself, have the cardboard boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, tape, and markers ready. Make sure you don't over stuff your packing boxes to avoid damage to articles. Always mark your boxes, so that you know which room they go into, with a brief description of articles inside- e.g. kitchen, library, china/fragile etc. It will cut down on the time it takes during unpacking. Be organized and stay calm. Do not hoard all the packed boxes in one place.

Your entrance, stairs must be kept completely clear for you to move stuff out. If you plan on hiring professional movers to help you out, it is important that your neighbours are informed about the house moving vans that will be parked during loading and unloading. These simple steps can ease your moving house process by a great deal and turn your day's work into half morning and before you know it, you will be well settled in your new house.

Prior to packing and moving out of your house, it's vital that all the precautionary and safety measures are taken. These include turning off all the electrical appliances, defrosting the refrigerators and ensuring there is no food or leftovers in it.  Be careful while packing ammunitions, if any, and or aerosol cans. Taking preventive measures can help avoid any unwanted accidents and mishaps. Make sure you close all the doors, windows and vents to prevent potential damages by rodents, birds etc.

House Removal Companies
If you want to be done and dusted inside a day, the only way to be able to do so is to hire a team of an efficient and professional removal company in the NW1 district. Consider the services offered, money quoted and try and seek for references while choosing a removal firm. An easy tip that might result in keener prices is to pick a weekday for moving out. Since many people opt for moving out during weekends to minimize time off work that means a considerable shift in the prices too. Ensure that you get cancellation protection in case of any last minute date changes. Read and sign the terms and conditions carefully to get the best value of your money with the most successful result.

Fact Files
After you move into your new house, make sure to have a walk around before you unpack your belongings. A good knowledge and read up's on how to use the appliances, fire and burglar alarms etc can save you a lot of "How Do I" phone calls. Inspect the house in Marylebone of any small cracks and have them reported to your landlord. They may eventually become big noticeable ones and cost you your security deposit. In an ideal world, verbal agreement would be good enough, but when it comes  to protecting your interests and possessions read all the terms and conditions of your lease and other paperwork before shaking hands to it.

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